Legionaries by  PierceGalactic

“From shame and shadow recast, in black and gold reborn”.
After millennium fighting the inter-legionary wars, many legionaries saw their original legions become disgraced shadows of their former glory. As a result those warriors began to feel felt lost and without purpose. Hearing rumors of a new Warmaster gathering warriors into a new legion. Across the Eye legionaries sought him out seeking purpose in this new legion. This purpose, this new brotherhood was under the Black Legion, led by Abaddon, a warrior whose name conjured up both admiration as well as fear to those who knew of him. Pledging themselves to a new life Black Legionnaires, they roared “Long Live the Warmaster” and set themselves to their new purpose. The Blackened Fist was formed as an independent warband focused on discreet deep strikes outside the Black Legion’s holdings. Whether it’s xenos or the Imperium the Blackened Fist brings the wrath of Warmaster Abaddon to crushes the opposition and take what it wants. Composed of Chaos Undivided as well as Tzeentch followers, it uses its mobility and precision ranged attacks to sow havoc against its targets before subjecting them to its unholy close combat might. Their reputation is so feared that enemy warbands have been known to flee their systems rather than suffer the Blackened Fist’s wrath

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