Brood Coven by  Korps_Deadman

In the seedy underbelly of hive-world Sabastius, there is rumor that something more sinister than underhive gangs skulks about the dark corners of the cities' lowest levels. If a curious listener were to eavesdrop at one of the many bars in which weary freelancers refresh themselves, they would hear whispers of strange folk preaching their nearly heretical religion in hushed utterances to lonely passersby whom are beckoned, and often times accept, to join the ranks of this most dubious group of isolationists; and once one has followed them down snaking alleys and around suspicious corners, they are never heard from again. No one knows what designs such a group possesses, and most dismiss their activity as nothing more than idle gossip, tall tales wrought from excessive boredom amongst big-talking undercity mercenaries; but to those who have borne witness to these strange people first hand, a great sense of unease follows them. For while personal interpretations of the Imperial Cult have become increasingly present across the Imperium in these trying times, one can only imagine what aims such secrecy is meant to hide.

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