Intercession Squad by  King_Kromac

Equipment: 22 pts.
Tilting Shield (3 pts)
Combat Blade (3 pts)
Reclusiam -Blessed Bolts (3 pts)
Power Enhancer ( 2 pts) (Draugulin)
Auspex+ (2 pts)
Vengeance Class Scope (3 pts) x3

Med Bay- reroll casualty tests
Intel Uplink: 1/ turn, can use a Tactical Play for 0 CP
Intel- Cache Uplink: Can start wholly within triangle of Dropzone
Hypno Indoctrination Shrine-: +1 xp to member of squad that earned the lowest xp

Requisitions (11 total )
Add Rare Equipment (Power Enhancer)
Add Equipment (x4)
Add Operative (x2)
Add Asset (x4)

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