Leagues Of Votann

The Leagues of Votann are the collective confederations of the species of squat but powerfully-built Abhuman clones who refer to themselves as the "Kin". The Kin are an advanced, starfaring race who possess highly advanced technology and live amid the extreme environments that mark the resource-rich worlds of the galactic core. The Kin share their lives with self-aware, robotic constructs called Ironkin, which they treat as full societal equals in every way.


Hearthkyn Salvagers

Hearthkyn Salvagers are elite teams of Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn Warriors who serve as scouts, explorers and technology salvagers. They have been specially trained to extract prized artefacts and locate precious strategic resources within the depths of space hulks and other voidship wrecks.

Years of hard-won experience have taught the Leagues many lessons about the dangers of space hulks, and the specialised equipment carried by Salvager teams is a testament to how well they have prepared for unexpected challenges.

Hernkyn Yaegir

The Hernkyn are those Kin who serve as the Leagues of Votann's explorers, scouts, prospectors and pioneers. To the Kin, any region of blank space upon their star charts is a mystery in need of solving. The desire to plumb the depths of the void, to discover its secrets and claim its riches is deeply ingrained in their psyche, as is the need to know what -- if any -- sources of peril might lurk amidst the shadows.