Is there an app I can install on my phone?

KTDash does not have a native app (like you would find in the App Store for example), but it can be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA).
PWAs are really just fancy shortcuts that look like a native app, but are actually running inside your browser.
(If anyone wants to build a native app, the API is publicly accessible so the back-end is ready. Contact me on Discord if you want more information).
To install this PWA on your phone, open the site in your phone's browser and look in your browser options for "Install" or something like that.

I forgot my password!

If you forgot your password and can't log in, send me a DM in our Discord and we'll work on resetting it together.
Since we don't collect email addresses (and I really don't want them), this is currently the only way to reset your password.

What do the icons mean on my roster?

The icons on your roster indicate three things:

I have an idea for a cool new feature or improvement

If you want to suggest a new feature or improvement, first check the Trello Backlog to see if it is already logged there. If it is already there, you can vote that feature up to help prioritize the next thing to work on.
If you don't find your suggestion already in the backlog, come to the "Feature Requests" channel on the Discord and send it in!
Also note that the most commmonly-requested features have already been implemented in the Settings; check there first!

I found a bug or typo!

Please report bugs and typos (I HATE typos) in the "Report a Bug" channel of our Discord. Since everything is lovingly loaded by hand, there is bound to be typos and spelling mistakes despite our best efforts.
Bugs and typos are typically fixed within a day, and often within an hour!

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is "We don't want your personal information, and whatever we collect will never be shared with anyone ever no-way no-how".
That being said, a few things to note:

I heard you have some 3d printing STL models available

You can find all the STL models we designed for terrain and utilities on Thingiverse or Cults 3D.

Can I donate/give you money? Is there a Patreon, Ko-Fi or other option?

No thank you. This is a labor of love and I really don't need or want any money.
If you really want to give $5 to someone who needs it, look up your local wildlife rescue, women's shelter, or adult literacy program, and tell them I sent you!