Intercession Squad by  shark2000br

Black Templar Kill Team specializing in rapid and violent boarding actions. Showing no mercy and advancing inexorably into the front lines of battle, they strike fear into the hearts of even the staunchest of opponents. Far beyond the reach of med bays and uplinks, they rely solely on their ability to kill before they're killed.

Base of Operations: The Emperor's Aegis, a Fury-class cathedral ship deployed to the Chalnath sector to dispatch infestations of chaos and xenosry. Most recently, a small kill team has been dispatched to a floating space hulk called the Gallowdark to scour its remains of any foul heresy before it collides with nearby populated systems.

SPEC OP: Mankind's Vengeance (Purge Order) 1 of 5
RP: 1
Equipment drop x2
Oath of Valour x1
Hyperindoctrination Shrine

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