Legionaries by  joeykaplan


The Scourged Legion holds an insatiable thirst for forbidden knowledge and a desire to ascend to daemonhood. Xalvador the Tormented and his inner circle of sorcerers and champions perform dark rituals, seeking to unlock the secrets of immortality and godhood.

Little is known about the origins, whereabouts, or doctrines of the Traitor Marine warband known as the Scourged. Rumour has it that, they have been blessed by Tzeentch with the ability to hear every lie spoken by man.
However, the "blessing" of the Scourged inevitably becomes a curse, as all of those recruited into the ranks of the Scourged eventually lose their minds, unable to deal with the sheer number of deceptions that Mankind perpetrates upon both itself and others.

In a desperate bid to escape the inescapable clutches of Tzeentch, Xalvador and his warband have pledged their allegiance to the Blood God, Khorne. They believe that by dedicating themselves to the path of unrelenting violence and carnage, they can defy the manipulations of the Changer of Ways and forge their own bloody destiny. The Scourged seek to channel their insidious knowledge and chaotic power toward the destruction of their enemies, spilling rivers of blood in the name of Khorne, as they strive to transcend mortal limitations and grasp ultimate power.

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